School Start Time Evaluation 

The Mahtomedi School Board is discussing adjusting school start times to improve student health and academic outcomes based on research that supports later school start times for middle and high school students. 

The PTO is providing this information to help inform parents about this potential change as part of our mission to “provide a forum to communicate district policies and decisions.” The PTO is not a political organization and does not have a position on this topic. Below you will find opportunities to learn more about the evaluation. We have also provided contact information for Superintendent Larson and the school board members so you can ask questions and provide feedback.

Background Information

Reports and information about the Mahtomedi school start time evaluation from the school board.

PTO Parent Connect Meeting

Dr. Larson spoke at the October 5, 2017 Parent Connect meeting about the school start time evaluation and took questions and comments from the audience. 

School Board Meetings

School board meetings are conducted in public at the District Education Center. Public participation is welcome at the scheduled time on the agenda for regular meetings. View meeting agendas and information about public participation in board meetings.

Questions? Feedback?

Parents are also welcome to reach out to Superintendent Larson and/or school board members with questions and/or comments on the school start time evaluation.