View the Family Directory on My School Anywhere

Please UPDATE your listing or JOIN the Mahtomedi Family Directory!  

The Mahtomedi PTO maintains an online, secure PK-12 directory with information on students, families, class rosters, and sign-ups.    When logged into a desktop (vs by mobile) you can also update your information or print the directory.

The directory is managed and maintained by parents, for parents.  THIS DIRECTORY IS NOT MAINTAINED BY THE SCHOOL DISTRICT.  IT IS INDEPENDENT OF YOUR EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION AND E-NEWS SIGN-UPS.  The data will not be resold.   ANYONE MAY OPT OUT.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to edit your students teacher and other directory information?

Please note that the My School Anywhere’s mobile version has limited capabilities and does not allow you to update account information. You will need to get their app or use a computer to update your account information.

Computer Instructions:

  • Go to “Your Account” and find “Your Family”

  • Click on the Students tab and using the dropdown menu select your student’s teacher

  • Click Save Students to save the edits

  • This is also a god time to check over the other information listed and check the confirmed box and save

My School Anywhere App Instructions:

  • Go to “Your Account”

  • Select “Update Your Family Information” - this will take you to a webpage

  • Select Update next to your students name.

  • Using the dropdown menu select the teacher and Save

  • This is also a god time to check over the other information listed and check the confirmed box and save

Q:  My family is already in the directory, but how do I view it?  What is my password?
A:  You can Login to the Directory by using your email invite that included your password OR if you cannot find the email follow the steps above and select “Forgot your Password” (enter email you received your invitations through).

Q:  How can I get my family added to the directory?
A:  Join our PK-12 Family Directory by completing the steps above.  Your data will be reviewed to confirm you are a current district family and then you will be sent a welcome invitation with login.

Q:  Who can I contact to change my family's information?

A:  If you login to the website on a desktop device (not mobile) you can change your data.  Just select the menu “My Account” and then “My Family”.

Q:  Can I use my phone to view the directory?  
A:  Yes, you can access this website from a mobile or desktop device.  HOWEVER, you can only print the directory or change your family information when logged into a desktop device.

Q:  Who can see the directory?
A:  Only families in the district.  They must login into our secure site with their password to see the data.

Q:  Some kids are missing.  Why?  
A:  Some families opted out.  Other missing Families had no email or invalid emails and therefore could not be reached.  They can always choose to be added at a later date if desired.

Other Questions email